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"...four incredible string players"
Chronicle Herald

"The players covered themselves with musical glory, so convincible and whole heartedly did they play. The audience appeared to be not just delighted but delirious as they called them back for several curtain calls."
Mail Star, Dec8, 2003

"Dear Colleagues, Thank you for this sublime gift."
Leonard Cohen (response to CD)

"Their elegant and thoughtful playing brought just the right degree of warmth to this interesting score."
The Times (Saint John, N.B)

"A five minute standing ovation greeted the musicians closing bows."
The Coast, Nov 23, 03

"... the Blue Engine String Quartet takes the prize for profundity... The audience hardly breathed during the performance and came out of their trance as the music trailed into silence with enthusiastic applause."
Chronicle Herald

"While their ensemble is excellent and their sonorities are exquisitely combined you are conscious above all of the warmth of their playing and the natural musicality of their phrasing and style. They do a beautiful job."
Chronicle Herald, 2001

"...pristinely clear..."
Chronicle Herald Jan 25,08

" The quartet caught the musicís light elegance like netting a rare butterfly on the wing."
Chronicle Herald, Nov. 10, 03

"... brought ten years of ardency and polish to provide the finest, most energetic insightful playing I have ever heard"
Chronicle Herald, Mar. 13, 07

"... an ingratiating and appealing freshness distinguished their sound"
Chronicle Herald, Mar. 4, 99

"This quartet continues to be one of Halifaxís most unusual and interesting ensembles."
Chronicle Herald

" There isnít any string quartet Iíd rather hear than Halifaxís Blue Engine String Quartet..."
"Their music is so profoundly musical. As and ensemble of four women, these players have an uncanny knack of both going directly to the heart of any music they play and revealing it to us."
"...have unspoken insight into ensemble..."
"This quartet is a collective one and without articulating it or telegraphing their punches, they all seem to dream the same dream in the same way - everyone in the mood and in the same moment and spontaneously independent together."
Chronicle Herald, Oct 19, 07

"It is evident that these four players are so compatible in their technical understanding as they are kindred spirits of the musical imagination.(Helps make it a longer exercise)"
"Their playing is driven by youth, freshness, energy, ardour and a whole lot of musical common sense."
" Intelligence , simplicity, and a genuine desire to communicate lifts their performances above the commonplace."
Chronicle Herald April 17, 98